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Laboratory vibrating screen
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Laboratory vibrating screen
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  • φ200 type laboratory vibrating screen is a set of standard test sieve powder grading, liquid filtration as one of the standard test sieve; suitable for laboratory, quality inspection room of particles, powder particle size structure accurate analysis, analysis of liquid solid content and the amount of debris test. The features of low noise, high efficiency and high precision. Multiple high frequency vibration, high efficiency screening samples; standard sieve, ensure the high accuracy analysis of samples; the electronic delay device, can according to need to set the same material as screening time and ensure the unity of the data analysis of the sample, the test error is reduced to the lowest level, in order to make accurate judgments on the quality of the products.
    The screen with 200 series of standard test screen is a metal wire mesh, mesh requires GB6003.1-1997 and GB6003.2-1997 two. Using a screen or in standard flapper standard sieve machine, the size of all kinds of powder materials composition grading. Widely used in ultra hard materials (diamond, cubic boron nitride) abrasive, ground worthy, metallurgy, Pharmacopoeia, chemical building materials and other industries of the precise standard screening and particle size detection. Product type: Phi 200*50, Phi 200*25 screen is my company production of high-grade stainless steel standard sieve used, in strict accordance with the GB6003.1 1997 standards of production, and the selection of tool microscope. Our company adopts marking method of mesh / wire diameter of specifications (due to mesh size is relative units, 1 inches 25.4 mm mesh refers to the length and the number of wire holes. The same mesh, wire diameter, hole is different).

  • 1 standard test sieve frame using SUS304 (0Cr18ni9) and tensile polished stainless steel, wall thickness of 0.6 mm, the surface is bright, forming the overall durable, no magnetism, standard test sieve and standard test sieve frame fixed by soldering, not loose, can withstand 300 degrees under high temperature.
    2 standard test sieve mesh precision, according to the different time for mesh so mark produced with the same mesh uniform specifications. Woven wire screen mesh size standard, the standard square hole to 0.02 mm (20 micron), triangular hole standard mesh size to 0.005 mm (5 microns), the standard screen according to the standard of B6003.1-1997 woven. In accordance with international standards ISO3310-1:1990 R20/3, R20, R40/3 series, standard test sieve are made of brass, stainless steel SUS304. and H80 by electroplating, chemical processing can make the screen surface smooth wear, and warp wire nodes are fixed together, long-term use will not mesh deformation. Our company produces the standard size accurately, the same type of standard test sieve, different time production and ensure that the mesh is absolutely the same. In order to ensure the consistency of detection. The import of Taylor mesh size are similar to those of GB6003.1-1997, such as 140 mesh size Chinese 106 micron, the United States, Taylor 150#, 140# screen screen mesh size of 105 microns, we can be made according to the requirement of users. Users can choose 105 micron mesh with the corresponding Taylor screen, whether it is the mesh requirements or appearance are able to meet the requirements.