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  • Vaporizer gasify sample in the constant pressure and constant temperature gasification chamber, then switch three-way valve and push the vaporized sample through adjustable flow control valve into the analysis instrument. Its function is the pretreatment to liquid hydrocarbons before analysis.

  • 1.Integrated design, compact structure and compact instrument;
    2.Using the unique constant temperature and constant pressure vaporization room, high precision temperature control;
    3.Using the flow regulating valve two times of steady flow gasification samples, flow control and high precision;
    4.Using the filter assembly for filtering the sample after the flash, can effectively prevent the instrument blocked.

  • 1.Power supply: 110~240VAC/50Hz
    2.Power: 90W
    3.Temperature range of vaporization room: room temperature~85℃
    4.Sample pressure: 4.0Mpa
    5.Sample flow: 0~1SLM
    6.Dimension(L*H*W): 160mm*120mm*65mm
    7.Can be customized according to customer’s requirements: simple replacement, water bath temperature of 85℃ the basic type, high repeatability, temperature 85℃, high precision, internal pipeline sulfinert technology to prevent sulfur adsorption, temperature 200℃, intelligent sulfinert technology, internal pipeline anti sulfur adsorption, intelligent control, the temperature is 200℃