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WH-80 high temperature washing machine
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WH-80 high temperature washing machine
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  • WH-80 high temperature washing machine can be used to clean the residual in glass or metal parts of a variety of organic matter, such as polymers, waxes, resins, asphalt, tar or other similar pollutants. Through the high temperature thermal decomposition can completely remove the organic matter, thereby eliminating the use of solvents or chemical cleaning. In fact, all types of heat resistant glass and metal parts can be cleaned with high temperature. As long as the high temperature does not damage the cleaning parts, and the need to clean the residue is organic matter, can be cleared by heating, then the high temperature cleaning furnace can replace the solvent and chemical cleaning.

  • WH-80 high temperature washing machine compared with the traditional methods used in previous laboratory cleaning glass plate has an unparalleled advantage:
    1) as a result of washing completely by heating to complete, so as to avoid the use of solvents and reagents, and laborious manual cleaning.
    2) the use of high temperature cleaning machine to improve security in the cleaning work, and dispense with the solvent or reagent cost. The same is true for major issues and costs for waste management and tracking.
    3) the cleaning process is completely automatic and manual labor is not required. In the heating furnace in the parts to be cleaned, after the start of the cleaning command, the equipment is not required to take care of.
    4) the damage of the vessel is greatly reduced due to the reduction of the manual handling capacity.
    5) do not have to be difficult to clean the glass dish discarded, because these are difficult to clean or clean costs too high glass containers can be used to clean the high temperature, the future can be reused, and the cost is very low. Cross linked polymers, for example, are difficult to dissolve in any solvent or chemical cleaning agent, such as polyethylene. However, this material can be easily removed from the high temperature washing machine, so the future is not bound to these containers. Under the action of the catalyst, the gas discharged from the equipment will ensure the environmental protection and non toxicity.

  • 1) Power Supply:380V
    2) Rated Power:Max 7KW
    3) Total Weight:150KG
    4) Effective Volume:80L
    5) Outline Size:W×H×L=730mm×1250mm×880mm
    6) Working Temperature:Cracking chamber 480℃,oxidizing chamber 700℃
    7) General organic matter recommended cleaning time 5 hours
    8) Asphalt generally recommended factory set about 7 hours
    9) Using of interactive strong human interface, with a manual voice prompt function, easy to operate