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WH012XH High temperature heater
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WH012XH High temperature heater
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  • Eight Functions
    ■ Thermostatic control
    ■ No fire, no carbon monoxide
    ■ Safety and reliable
    ■ More secure
    ■ Radiationless, far infrared ray
    ■ Intelligent design
    ■ More environmentally friendly
    ■ Strong heat and uniform thermal energy

  • Power supply: 220V/50Hz +/-15%
    Heating power: 1KW
    Heating area: 150mm*150mm
    Heating plate material: carborundum
    Thermal ring material: S30408 stainless
    Heating max temperature: 600℃
    Heating plate temperature resistance: 1000℃
    Heating plate loading: < 3Kg
    Heating plate temperature detecting point: stick to the central of heating plate below
    Control temperature accuracy: +/-2℃(barring temperature fluctuation when heating)