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LPG sample injector
LPG sample injector
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  • LPG sample injector conforms to the standard H/T0222-1992《Liquefied petroleum gas total sulfur content measurement method(electricity)》,ASTM D 6667《Ultraviolet fluorescence determination of gaseous hydrocarbon and total volatile sulfur in liquefied petroleum gas standard test method》and SH/T0230《Liquefied petroleum gas composition measurement》. It can make the sample gasification in one moment solving sample difficult. It can realize the accurate quantitative of the sample, high precision and repeatability.

  • 1. Using unique constant temperature passivation vaporization chamber, high precision of temperature control
    2. Constant temperature control to sample loop, ensure accurate amount of sample
    3. Passivation system, decrease the adsorption of low sulfur samples
    4. Full touch screen, good man-machine interaction
    5. Accurate quantification of gas and liquefied gas injection
    6. Be used for vaporizer, achieve multi-use
    7. Integrated design, compact structure

  • 1. Power supply: 220VAC/50Hz
    2. Power: 1Kw
    3. Temperature range of vaporization room: 50℃~100℃
    4. Quantitative tube temperature control range: 50℃~80℃
    5. Carrier gas flow: 4mL/min~40mL/min
    6. Carrier gas pressure: ≤0.8MPa
    7. Sample pressure: 3.0Mpa
    8. Quantitative tube volume: 3mL, can be replaced according to requirements
    9. Dimension(L*H*W): 380mm(L)*200mm(W)*360mm(H)