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Pedal type solvent pump
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Pedal type solvent pump
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  • WH030X Pedal type solvent pump is mainly used for standard oil drums with safety sampling. It can still be sampling when oil drums locating low position to reduce waste. This is meeting the national energy saving and environmental protection policy.

  • 1.The pumping mechanism adopts 304 stainless steel and there is no pollution to the solvent.
    2.The user does not have to carry the liquid container which a liquid with long neck structure. It just puts the container on the ground and put the bottle on the liquid outlet pipe.

  • 1) The length inserted into oil drum is 85cm which is matched with standard oil drums.
    2) The liquid pipe is off the ground 55cm(It can be customized as clients’ requirements).
    3) Pimping speed is 5L/min.