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WH-11Q7 Sampler
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WH-11Q7 Sampler
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  • WH sealed sampler is for oil, chemical devices in the pipeline process conditions within the various media, especially toxic, flammable, explosive and other dangerous, low pressure gas, liquid, liquefied gas media, no leakage sampling. For gas and liquid on-line sampling is to provide a set of design and improve the system so that customers use them more handy and the sample taken out more representative. Fixed volume sampling, nitrogen purging, two-way heat exchange device, insulation box and some other features which customers can choose according to need, in addition to providing customized services.
    WH sealed sampler consists of the box, the operation panel, sampling cylinders, glass bottles, quick connectors, pressure gauges, valves, flanges, seals, joints and other components. Joints and valves can be selected according to user requirements of imported parts or the company's products. Sample circulation, purge mode, quick connector type, insulation or cooling function can be selected according to user requirements and design to ensure that the maximum meet the user, for the user to get a representative sample.

  • WH-11Q7 sampler is developed specifically for liquid ammonia sampling. It can be used not only for liquid ammonia sampling, but also for sampling with similar to liquid ammonia sample. After sampling, the venturi tube is used to remove the residual sample in the pipeline, so as to keep the pipeline negative pressure and ensure that the user does not have the gas overflow when the connection valve of the sampling cylinder is opened.

  • A. Sampler for liquid ammonia or other toxic or harmful gases or liquefied gas for closed sampling.
    B. Disconnect the connector, the pipeline negative pressure to ensure that there will be no sample overflow, the maximum guarantee the safety of operators.
    C. Sampler temperature is -1717 ~ 60℃.
    D. Rated working pressure is 4.0MPa.