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WH-010X Foam height gauge
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WH-010X Foam height gauge
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  • WH-010X foam height gauge is suitable for testing the height of oil sample liquid ammonia decarburization foaming. It takes control the temperature from room temperature to 95℃(+/-0.5℃). Inlet a certain flow rate of N2 into the sample, determine the height of the bubble and defoaming time after the set time delay. The instrument can take automatic temperature control, turn on and off the nitrogen automatically and record the data at the same time which make the data more accurate.

  • 1.Power supply:220VAC ±10V/50Hz
    2.Electric power:40W Heating power:300W
    3.Stepless speed regulation:100~2200RPM
    4.Mixing volume:250mL~3L
    5.Temperature control:500mL water - room temperature ~ 95℃(+/-0.5℃)
    6.Flow regulation range:0~40L/h
    7.Bubble collecting pipe scale:450mm
    8.Diameter of heating plate:120mm