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Polypropylene cake pressing machine
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Polypropylene cake pressing machine
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  • 1) Compact size and light weight is suitable for laboratory multi variety and multi specifications for the occasion to use.
    2) The forming cavity is precision mould, the material size is accurate and the surface finish is excellent.
    3) Forming power is pneumatic cylinder and thrust range is suitable for polypropylene plastic particles. It can be precisely controlled to reduce the flash.
    4) Cooling is for high efficiency air cooling system, cleaning and long service life.
    5) System maintenance free.

  • 1) Device max weight: 9.5Kg
    2) Power: 220V 50Hz
    3) Air resource: compressed air or N2 0.4MPa(Max)
    4) Max power: 500W
    5) Max temperature: 170℃
    6) Temperature accuracy: +/-1℃
    7) Max thrust: 50Kg
    8) Outline drawing: