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Air dry oven
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Air dry oven
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  • The structure of the test chamber: testing room adopts the integral structure and consists of air duct cabinet, super temperature system and electric control system. This method has the advantages of compact structure and beautiful appearance. Electric control panel is located in the test room and independent control.

  • 1.Temperature measurement: Pt100 stainless steel sheathed platinum resistance.
    2.Control device: the system is used Shanghai LIDA series control systems and the internal control system is with a PID controller function.
    3.System set resolution: temperature: 0.1℃.
    4.It can be set time through the instrument and the time can automatically cut off the heating to prevent temperature overshoot.
    5.Heating model uses solid state relay control mode.

  • 1.Temperature range: RT 10℃~250℃
    2.Accuracy of temperature: ±1℃
    3.Average heating rate: 1℃/min~3℃/min
    4.Timing range: 0~999
    5.Internal volume: 136L
    6.Power: 1.55Kw
    7.Size: 550*450*550
    8.Diaphragm(standard): 2