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Chromatography bag injector(single or multiple)
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Chromatography bag injector(single or multiple)
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  • Most of the sample is sampled by gas sampling bag in refinery laboratory. Works need to press the sample into quantitative ring parts for replacement or use a needle tube quantitative it and push it into the analytical instruments for analysis. Because its complex operations and manual operation in the process, so the analysis results are greatly influenced by artificial factors, especially when the sample amount is larger. In order to solve these problems, we design multi-channel air sample and multiple air bag quantitative injector two instruments.

  • 1.Accessibility for auxiliary injections at a single bag injections. The device can achieve automatic bag sampling and automatic start after the chromatograph completion.
    2.Integrated design and compact structure.
    3.Low voltage power supply, safe and reliable.
    4.Adjustable flow and flow display.
    5.You just need to mount gas bag to sampling port and click the run button, then it will be done automatically. Simple operation, running automation and good repetitiveness.

  • 1.Connect multiple air pocket at the same time, easy operation for sampling, high efficiency, real and effective results.
    2.Using the minimalist gas path and passivated gas path to improve the accuracy of the analysis.
    3.Adjustable quantitative volume, accurately quantify and good repeatability, accurate control.
    4.Operation panel use touch screen and human computer interaction.
    5.It can link with the chromatographic instrument directly if the host computer support.
    6.Integrate design, compact structure and save space.