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Gas chromatogram sampling controller
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Gas chromatogram sampling controller
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  • Aiming at the laboratory air bag manual injection process requires human uniform extrusion airbag, while also observing the bubble inconvenience, designed gas sampling controller. The controller entrance is installed in the exhaust end of six way valve. Air bag fitted to the six port valve in analysing and start button on the controller, which will pump six valve after draw air bag gas. It will switch to the gas pressure balance of the atmosphere, maintaining consistency each card into pressure.

  • 1.Sampling process is fully automatic and can be linked with chromatogram to avoid the uncertainty of the introduction of manual operation.
    2.Installed in the exhaust port of the six way valve, the sampling process will not produce two pollution samples.
    3 flow stability, high consistency of the analysis process;
    4 flow can be shown, relatively traditional bubble method is more convenient to observe;
    5 unique pressure balancing technology to ensure that the gas pressure in the quantitative ring is consistent with atmospheric pressure;
    6 instrument small beautiful, small space occupied.

  • 1.Power supply: 100~240VAC/50Hz;
    2.Power: 20W;
    3.Sample flow: 0~500SCCM;
    4.Size: 160*120*65(mm)